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For the first time in Israel, we are proud to offer our exclusive Aerial Advertising service – “SKY BANNER”.

We can prepare huge advertising banners for you in sizes up to 1 square acre (4 dunams!!) – a size that has never been seen before in Israel – and drag them across the skies suspended below helicopters, at a time and place that you decide will generate provocative and unforgettable exposure for your marketing message!

In contrast to traditional lightweight sky-banner advertising which is limited to 14 characters and is towed behind a light airplane at a fairly high altitude, the SKY BANNER is towed underneath a helicopter. This allows exposure of large images and text of a quality and size that was not possible until now and at the altitude of a hovering or traveling helicopter, which can be generally much lower and more controlled than a light airplane.

The noise generated by a helicopter together with its low altitude flying, in this instance, actually draws your potential customers’ attention for longer periods at many locations, such as across entire beach areas along the coast, in traffic jams, at sports events or other crowded events.

On top of the cost of production and import of the specially-produced SKY BANNER from overseas, the cost of one hour’s flying time is just US$1,000, which will create tremendous demand for this advertising medium in terms of its unrivalled exposure and marketing potential.

We would be delighted to answer all your questions regarding preparation of such an advertising campaign.

Please feel free to contact us on +972 (0)3 642 7430 or by fax on +972 (0)3 642 4056, or by email at reservations@jetlinks.biz.

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