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Welcome to Israel’s largest and most innovative information site for private charter flights.

Alongside information about the private charter flights, the website offers professional flights for various specialist fields, (including: medical flights, aerial fire-fighting, crop-dusting, etc.) as well as complementary services for business and pleasure (such as: hotel reservations, transfers, restaurant reservations, etc.)

The use of chartered aircraft is not always that much more expensive than incorporating several segments into a regular scheduled business class or other premium class flight. A charter flight will take you whenever you want, directly to your destination, with maximum comfort and privacy, enabling each and every passenger to utilize every moment for work, relaxation or leisure according to their individual requirements, in discreet fashion.

Domestic Israeli flights and flights originating in Israel are largely provided using the aircraft and pilots of “Chim-Nir” Airways, a company with over 40 years of experience in civil aviation in Israel. Similarly, JET TRADE LINKS offers its customers hundreds of aircraft of varying types and sizes across the globe in order to fly anywhere.

On the website, you will find a wealth of ideas, solutions and suggestions to charter your own flights from anywhere to anywhere, worldwide. We also offer many onward services at various destinations, such as reservations at exclusive “boutique” hotels, VIP services at various airports, limousine transportation, quality car hire and even a broad collection of yachts around the world and Gulet cruises along the South Turkish coast for an incomparably relaxing experience after a grueling business trip.

In addition, you will find details about helicopter flights in Israel and other countries, for business or tourism, leisure breaks right across the Middle East, which incorporate charter flights for groups of up to 14 passengers, with exclusive boutique hotels in Cyprus, Greece and Turkey. You will also find a comprehensive flight booking system for various professional uses including, air ambulance, crop dusting, aerial firefighting or aerial advertising using banners pulled by helicopters that can be up to an acre (4 dunams) in size!

Special Offers for the Spontaneous Traveler: One-way flights on empty segments or reduced fare travel on the empty outbound or inbound segments as part of another customer’s flight itinerary (“EMPTY LEGS”).

These offers are updated automatically on the relevant part of the website.

The Helicopter Experience – Flying over Tel Aviv
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Empty Leg Krakow (Poland)-Amterdam
March 16th Hoker 800
Empty Leg Paris-London
March 12th Chalanger 300
8 seats
Empty Leg Larnaca_tel Aviv
6 seats Torboprop March 8th
Empty Leg Tel Aviv-Paris
March 6TH Golftream G-200
Special Areal tour with helicopter
tour with helicopter over Israel from 1,500 $ Per hour

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